Victoria Bar – Everything for Pure Enjoyment

Cocktails and more…

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday from 5:00 pm

Be the cocktail cherry and help us keep our Victoria Bar the place it is today: the perfect, relaxing place for a treat in the center of Coburg.

Reward yourself with a cocktail:

  • Fine, fruity ingredients
  • Premium spirits & wines
  • Our own creations
  • Charm
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • … And a dash of good humor!
Victoria Bar

The barkeeper, Heike Wagner, conjures up an afternoon coffee or an aperitif before your restaurant visit. Here you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a nice glass of wine, freshly tapped beer or a fruity cocktail.

Our cocktail menu offers a colorful selection of before and after dinner cocktails, classic and non-alcoholic drinks.

“I am happy to mix you your personal favorite drink or let yourself be surprised by my new creations!“

I look forward to a nice evening with you in the Victoria Bar or Summer Lounge where you can leave an enjoyable and successful day behind! How about after work with a glass of malt whiskey?

Our humidor is well-stocked with a selection of Davidoff and Cuban cigars. Choose your preference, ranging from light to medium strong to strong.

I am looking forward to meeting you!
Heike Wagner

Cocktail of the Month
„Blueberry-Gin-Fizz“ 6.50 eur

  • 3 cl Blueberry Liqueur
  • 3 cl Gin
  • 1.5 cl Lime Juice
  • Bitter Lemon or Tonic

Alcohol-free Variation
„Virgin Cassis Fizz“ 5.80 eur

  • 2-3 cl Cassis Syrup
  • 2 cl Lime Juice
  • Bitter Lemon or Tonic


Combine all ingredients with ice cubes and vigorously shake. Pour into a pousse glass. Infuse to taste with bitter lemon or tonic. If available, top off with a few fresh blueberries.

During Nice Weather, Enjoy Delicious Refreshments in our Summer Lounge

Lemoncello Fizz: 5.50 eur, with fresh mint, lime and Lemoncello


Amaroni: 6.50 eur with fresh basil and Amaro Quintessentia

Both drinks are created using our own recipe.

Your bartender, Heike Wagner, wishes you an enjoyable visit to our Summer Lounge or Victoria Bar or by cocktail mixing in the privacy of your own home!